Hi, I'm Sarah. A certified holistic nutritional counselor, entrepreneur, actor, and writer. But most importantly...

I'm a human.


Sarah's an award winning actress, a holistic health expert, and published writer. She's the co-founder of the corporate wellness company, The Wellness Project NYC, the creator of Smart-Mouthed Health, and a dabbling spoken word poet. 


After years in the entertainment industry, I fell ill at a young age with a multitude of undiagnosable conditions. From debilitating chronic fatigue, painful IBS, to shocking alopecia, my health was on a steady decline at the age of 28. With the help of a holistic doctor, I was able to cure myself naturally using only diet and lifestyle changes. I now make it my mission to help others find health and make it a lot less daunting for them than it was for me.


I live not in dreams, but in contemplation of a reality that is perhaps the future.

- RM Rilke


I'm also constantly participating in other areas. As an actor, I'm a team player with a highly creative mindset. I have an attention to detail and nuance of character that teems in every performance. I'm happiest when working to make something with others.

Whether it be healthy things, actor-y things, or any other things... I'd love to work with you. Don't be afraid to say hi!


Much love,