Sarah is more than just an actor. She is your project’s biggest ally.
— Mike Smith, writer/director

On working with Sarah...

As the anchor of our film, Sarah created such a profound portrayal, that – as a writer – I couldn’t have envisioned was possible from the page. She elevated her character by taking an incredibly vibrant approach to her work from pre-production until the last frame was shot. But Sarah’s strongest attribute is her collaborative attitude when working with others. Though she takes direction extremely well, she never strayed from offering constructive ideas on how to approach a scene or her character. The end result was a much better film. That’s because Sarah is more than just an actor. She is your project’s biggest ally.
— Mike Smith (writer/producer, The Gate Agent, Stage 5)
We spent about two months looking for a Brooke. ...(Sarah) was SO good.  She was the first actress that really took her time with it.  You could see her feeling out the scene. She was in control of the time and the moment. Based on that performance, we knew she was the one.
— Brian Ross in an interview on "Tangled Web We Watch" (Writer/Director/Producer of Big Country Blues)
It felt very playful. She’s very natural. I felt like the whole shoot was one long conversation. She brings so much of herself to her acting, I have trouble remembering when we were actually working and when we were just getting to know each other.
— Shane Allan (Co-Star, Big Country Blues)
Her talent as an actress and dancer was immediately clear and her intelligence and professionalism were clear not long after. However, throughout the course of the rehearsal and performance period, in which we spent a lot of time together, I was most impressed (being twice her age) that a woman of such youthful positive energy should be possessed of a level of poise and grace that I usually think comes only with maturity.
— Mary Leggio (Actor)
Sarah is not only a talented and natural actor, but she’s an effortlessly inspiring teacher. In the few weeks I had the pleasure of working with her on ‘Shared Intimacy’ she challenged me to be a better actor and person.
— Audrey Kovar (Actor, Shared Intimacy)

And the critics say...

The lead actress, Sarah Jacobs, phenomenally portrays a woman traversing through the five stages of grief to reach an understanding.
There are some very impressive and delightful moments here that must be recognized. Kevin Myers and Sarah E. Jacobs are an adorable pair who demonstrate brilliant comic timing...They play beautifully off of one another and are a joy to watch.
 The actress playing Lauren however (Sarah E Jacobs), who is described in the script as “strikingly beautiful, witty, confident, and sharp,” manages to convey every one of those characteristics. Her willfully slutty and self-assured character still resonates with lonesome confusion and the willingness to stay friends with the increasingly obsessed Darryl.
— Goin Dark
As Carl’s personal Jeeves, Jacobs is smart and wickedly funny, particularly since her vocabulary consists of nothing but exclaiming her master’s name in a multitude of ways: Carl! Carl....Carl?
— New Theater Corps
Standouts include Sarah E Jacobs as the incresingly put-upon waitress in Trials, and one of the hapless studio audience memembers in Questions of the Queen.